Little Peeps Fun Place Promotes Clean Play

clean playWe understand how easily germs can spread and quickly expose everyone to nasty microbes! Here at Little Peeps Fun Place we offer play items that can easily be cleaned and disinfected.

Clean play is fun play! If you see anything that needs immediate attention, please advise the Big Peep on duty!

Why Do You and Your Little Peeps Have to Take Your Shoes Off?

Why Do You and Your Little Peeps Have to Wear Socks?

Accidents Happen…

Use the “Yuck Bucket” for items that have been “mouthed” or soiled. Adult participation is expected to help prevent spreading germs!

Your little peep is not feeling well, feverish or simply has a runny nose? Please be considerate and come back when little peep feels better. We do our best to keep everything clean but we do depend on parents to cooperate. You wouldn’t want your child to be sharing toys with a little peep that sports a booger mustache. We’re counting on you to help us promote clean play at all times.

Hand washing/sanitizing

Please be sure your little peeps thoroughly washes his/her hands after using the bathroom. We provide a little stool to make sure they are able to reach the running water in the sink at all times. Feel free to use the hand sanitizers that we have at your disposal.

Soiled Diapers

Please do not discard soiled diapers in the toilet!  Also, kindly double bag them before disposing in the trash. You’ll find loads of plastic bags in a bin in the bathroom that have been put there for this use. Feel free to use any of the items in the bathroom to clean up and refresh!

Clean Play is Fun Play!

The treehouse, slide, large play items, etc., get a thorough wipe down at the end of each day using a natural, antibacterial disinfectant cleaner.

Common areas are wiped down throughout the day. Smaller items are wiped, spray cleaned and air dried every evening. Floors are mopped every night before we leave.

Big Peeps walk around with their eagle eyes looking for typical “germy” areas. We will fight the battle with these pesky microbes by regularly wiping down heavily used toys, tables, chairs & couches. We want our little peeps to enjoy clean play at all times!

If you see anything that needs our attention, please let us know immediately!

Little Peeps Fun Place is a Socks Only Environment for all at all times!