Using magic and storytelling, Tim Pressley provides action-packed and engaging entertainment for Little Peeps’ birthday parties. Kid’s love Magic Tim! His witty humor and silly antics will have your little peeps in stitches. “It’s about creating magical memories!” says Tim.

Tim discovered the power of magic when he was just a little peep himself. After his dad mysteriously transformed a stack of nickels into a stack of dimes—doubling his money—Tim was hooked! A family friend performed a magic show at Tim’s next birthday party and there was no turning back. From that day forward, Tim sought out every opportunity he could to see magic performed and learn how to do magic himself.

Mr. Tim’s first magic show was performed in his family’s living room for his mom, dad, and older brother. Once he built his confidence, he branched out and started doing magic for his friends at school and at church. As his passion for magic grew, so did his show and his audience. He began getting requests from family and friends to perform at birthday parties. Over ten years later, he now performs educational programs for school assemblies, libraries, daycares, preschools, churches, and other family events.

You may have seen Magic Tim perform at community events, such as Knoxville’s Largest Kid’s Party on Market Square or at Knoxville’s Festival on the 4th of July at the World’s Fair Park. Magic Tim loves performing at these larger events, yet birthday parties still hold a special place in his heart. It brings Magic Tim joy to make a child’s special day magical, like his birthday was all those years ago.